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Gulf Coast Trikes


1907 lawrence road, Kemah, tx  77565

The major drive in the creation of GULF COAST TRIKES is contributed to Jack and Glenda Sowle. Jack and Glenda were long time bikers on two-wheel and three-wheel motorcycles, riding all over the United States. They have been fantastic family and friends to all of us involved in GULF COAST TRIKES. We lost Jack to the "Great Rally in Heaven" in June 2013. Without the persistence of Glenda in November 2013, Lloyd would still be servicing Motor Yachts on Clear Lake instead of doing what he loves -- triking motorcycles.

​Without Jack's fantastic knowledge of motorcycles and the Texas Hill Country, we would probably still be lost somewhere near "The Three Sisters" with a broken alternator.  Jack did not like riding on the back seat of Lloyd's bike the rest of that day! Over the years, Jack and Glenda led us through countless miles of the beautiful Texas Hill Country and we made lifelong memories. 

​It is in Jack's memory and Glenda's honor that we are finally and enthusiastically following our dream.  Ride on, Jack!